Islamic scholar shows belief on Allah on TV Show

In one of Islamic country, one Islamic scholar shows his belief on Allah when he feels earthquake during his interview. There are numbers of Islamic scholars in this world but you would have never seen like this one. He is the man of parts and has full belief on Allah.

Given video shows how that Islamic scholar behaves when he feels earthquake during his live recoding. He was talking on some Islamic issues when he feels as his chair is moving. The anchorperson starts to cry and wants to run from his room but in vain.


In the end, he tries to hide himself under the table and also asked to Islamic scholar to do the same. However, that scholar did not fear and started to recite the Quranic verse loudly. The anchorperson asked him many times to hide under the table but he did not accept his offer at all.

It was the belief and faith what we want to see in our Pakistani religious scholars. How that Islamic scholar proved as he practiced on what he said in his daily life. He also proved himself he is the real man of Islam and full belief on Allah.

We all need to get lessons from his courage and his belief. That Islamic scholar put a big example of dare and belief on Allah. According to him it is Allah who has authority to do anything. He said he has belief if he has his last day of life he would die if he does not go under the table.