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Islamic Scholar shocked the whole world

It was the incident from one of Islamic country when one Islamic scholar was giving his interview. He was going on live in one channel when he felt as his chair started to shake badly. Actually it was very bad earthquake that shook the whole studio at that time.

The anchorperson who was interviewing him also tried to escape from the studio but in vain. The earthquake was too much intense as nobody can move even a single step. So he thought it better to hide himself under the table and he did this.

In the next moment he saw very strange thing as he saw as that Islamic scholar was reciting the Quranic verses loudly. He also asked him to come beneath the table but he refused. He was stuck with the chair and remained to recite the Quranic verses in full voice.

It was very emotional as well as dreadful moment for the Muslims watchers. When people saw that video clip they were amazed. They were not the only ones who were amazed even the people of English countries and many more, all were amazed and had no words for his belief.

That Islamic scholar proved as if someone has belief on his Allah, He would never break his belief. He remained to recite the Quranic verses even the earthquake stopped and both were fully safe. English people took it as miracle as according to science when earthquake comes people should hide themselves from any severe injury but he did not do anything else and remained safe.

Reaction of Islamic Scholar During Earthquake

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