Iqrar ul Hassan raids over suspicious restaurants

Iqrar ul Hassan again raids over suspicious restaurant when he finds many complaints about the restaurants. He already had done raid against the restaurant in which same suspicious activities were found. When he raided over previous restaurant, according to him they were more powerful than his whole media persons. He further told in his report as when they raided with the police, the management of restaurant dismissed to SHO who was with him.

Iqrar ul Hassan further told to his viewers in his program as they were as powerful as they also gave bribery to whole police station’s officer so that they could not affect over their cases. This time they were more careful about his raid and they tried as police would not inform about their raid in another restaurant.

According to report, all these restaurants were involved in suspicious activities and were responsible to spread unethical activities in the vicinities. Iqrar ul Hassan further tells as they have no problem to run their business as they already have given bribery to all officers of police stations.

It was amazing as the management of restaurant got it as the team of private channel was very near to raid over their restaurant. It can all notice through hidden cameras which were erected in different places in the restaurant. They were also pointing as it was the same team that raided in the restaurant of Fanata aunty. However, they proved very clever as when team of private channel reached there they were all out of restaurant.

Iqrar ul Hassan raided very soon although they had gone from the restaurant but they asked to police to collect all proofs from the restaurant. He is the only person in the whole Pakistani Media who puts his life in danger and does prominent all those points where suspicious activities are taken place.

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