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Inhuman behavior with Indian Musulims Increases

Yes, London Citizens were stunned when they saw this video on internet. It was very shiny day and London citizens were on their way to work when this video was uploaded in one of city of India. It was definitely very brutal way to slaughter any animal. It was looked as some school boys were making fun and they did the same with that animal in very brutal way.

Actually in the religion of Hinduism, it seems right as in many Hindi Movies these scenes are often recorded in which people were showing the same practice with the animals. According to science, by adopting this way, there are more than 90 percent chances of getting ill.

Scientists say as in this way, the blood of the animal did not flow away from the body of the animals and if it did not flow away from the body and the meat then it would definitely remain in it.

On the other hand, Islam teaches us the same style which science has told us the best way to slaughter. Islam has preached us the way to slaughter 14 years back and many more which we do not like to practice. However, all Muslims adopt the right way of slaughtering which is told by Islam and afterward by the science and by adopting this way, there can be no chances of any disease or illness.

Christians were also the followers of Hindu community but with the emergence of scientific invention about the slaughtering, they also have started to obey the rules of Islam. This was the thing which amazed to London Citizens about the thinking level of Indians.

Ghosht khanay ki saza.

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