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Inhuman Animal Slaughter creates Anger in public

Three men have reported suffering seriously in the Spanish bullfighting incident. Later it was reported that all three had passed away at the local hospital in Barcelona. The incident has once again become reason for people to demand the ban of inhuman game of animals. Many people have lost lives in the incidents in last few years.

All were teasing and irritating him as at time it stood at one place and started to watch people around himself. In the meantime, one ambulance also came there to give first aids to those who had got bruises. Some people also diverted towards ambulance as they started to help other three people.

They were not badly bruised but they had problems when they tried to walk. Bullfighting festival is very popular in Spain as well as in the whole world. People love to come in Spain in spring season and watch the whole festival including bullfighting. Some of animal rights organization also had claimed to stop such games in which animals are used just to amuse to people.

They have given very strong reasons behind this writ as animals got very serious condition while entertaining to spectators.  It is not the first time when bull got problem during the time game, there are also many events when bulls got problem and even died.

Once, one bull jumped out of arena due to which many other people including bull also got serious conditions and all were hospitalized. According to animal rights organizations, they should abandon all those games in which chances of hospitalization are high just for the welfare of animals.

Animal Slaughter

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