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Inhuman Act of Indians with Poor leopard

Zoo officials further added as they had called out two female gorillas from the enclosure when they found as boy had been fallen in the moat. They took quick reaction to save the baby otherwise female gorillas might be harmed him.

Though, they could not move away to third one which at last had to give his life for the sake of little child which was in his legs in the last moments. The all given footages were emerged on Saturday which are revealing the chilling moments when boy was in the moat close to gorilla and people were making a noise to save him.

A big crowd was there which was trying to inform authorities by their noise and nothing else. In the chaotic situation, it can also be heard as some people were shouting as “No, no” and asking to call 911. During the whole chaotic situation, at one time it was also happened when the mother of the child also yells down and she tried to get attention of her child by asking some words like mommy is here and mommy loves you but all was in vain.

According to graphic portion it was found as the gorilla was dragging to boy in the water as it was hardly but softly. After getting child, the authorities shifted to child in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center due to some serious bruises due to dragging in the water by gorilla. According to family, the boy was in his senses when he was alert and medically fit.

Leopard Uttarkhand, India

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