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Indian Youth becomes unethical in daily life

Indian Youth has become very unethical in daily life. It was seen in the social experiment done by a group of university students in India. Students used banned items publically in society and offered many of their age. It was shocking to see that the youngsters were accepting offers without any hesitance.

There are many other things in Indian youth which are away from the eyes of world. Many unethical practices of society are part of life of Indian youth and a parent does not have any problem. Media in Indian Many things in the university students are becoming very shameful for the Indians everywhere in the world. Mostly these things are adopted from Media and films by the youngsters.

Indian Youth have adopted many things from film industry and media which are destroying their ethical values. The university students have started to think about becoming film stars and media celebrities instead of scientists and teachers. Many things in the Indian society are shameful for the families and alarming for the coming generations as well.

The coming generations of Indian youth are facing a very dark future in the Indian society. There will be a time in India when the university students will not be seen in Educational institutions as well. Already things are gone drastically bad all over India.

Respect of elders and ethical values have lost in the Indian society of present time. Lack of parents guidance and attention towards university students have become biggest reason of all that. Indian youth has been facing serious challenges because of such issues in the society.


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