Indian youth becomes fond of unethical practices

The Moral and ethical values of Indian youth have lost in the society. A group of Indian university students have done an experiment in public which show drastic results. Youngsters have become fond of using the banned items publicly and no one has any problem in the city.

A girl of very young age was seen using banned items in the society publicly without having any problem from any one. Indian youth was also accepting the offers to use those things by the girl with a lot of amusement. Even she also offered some university students and shockingly they were also found very much interested in such things.


Bad moral values and ethical values have influenced that much in the society that they are destroying the future of Indian youth. University students have lost the interest to achieve goals in life. Their life achievements have diverted towards showbiz and media. Many students even do not have any interest in their studies. They are seen wasting time in universities and colleges.

The atmosphere of schools and colleges in India has become very dangerous for educational activities of Indian youth. Most of the university students are adopting very bad things due to co-education as well. Indian society has become medium of educating bad moral values to the new generation because of unethical things in the media.

Elders in the Indian society must take urgent measure to save the future of youngsters and especially the university students. Indian youth needs serious help and attention for the sake of a better future.

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