Indian Muslims Protest against Beef-ban in India

A large scale protest was held by a brave group of Indian Muslims again the beef-ban in India. A higher court in Indian has banned the slaughter of cow and use of its beef anywhere in the country however; brave Muslims have challenged the court ruling and slaughtered the cow in front of Indian parliament.

The protest against the beef-ban in India has started fresh wave of Hindu Muslim riots all over the country. Indian Muslims often have to face certain things because of racist Hindu culture. Racist Hindus have always created these types of problems for the Muslims.

Last year, a brave Muslim Lady in Kashmir, Asia Inderabi has also taken part in a similar beef-ban protest in Indian Kashmir. Indian Muslims are not allowed to eat cow beef and not allowed to slaughter animals anywhere in India. However, the large scale protests have forced to government to make some changes in the country.

There are some states in India which has allowed the cow slaughter to the Indian Muslims. Due to beef-ban in all over the country, cow products of all kinds were also unviable in markets. The court has allowed one day in the week when Muslims can slaughter and sell the cow beef in markets.

People in several other countries have also criticized the beef-ban in India. They have also demanded to lift such kind of silly band which does not required for any reason. The ban was only imposed in religious hatred against the Indian Muslims by the racist Hindu community.

Cow Slaughter

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