Indian Muslims living Worst Life than Ever

Two innocent Indian Children reported to have lost their lives along with their mother in Madhya Pradesh. The shocking incident was reported in Daily India Times telling that woman and children have become victim of husband’s inhuman behavior. It was one of many other cases that have been reported in the past about the misery of Indian women.

An especially Indian Muslim woman doesn’t not only have to deal with their family problems but also have to cater with the society. The reaction of Indian society towards women and especially Muslim women has always been very bad.

On the other hand, it may possible as one would face confront bigots when he would be in out of the Muslim community, who have thinking about the Muslims as they Quran in one of his pocket and in the other they have AK-47. These are those ones who are still in the effort to divide the whole world between Muslims and them.

Ironically, both bigots actually think about each other as that specific is the finest rival class of bigots. Actually, the policies of Muslims’ leaders are responsible to push all of Muslims at this stage. They themselves have no relations and fight with each other on petty and frivolous things. They even did not think as they have started to be controlled by their enemies unfortunately.

Hilariously, one person is still called as Muslim in Western societies even if he did not practice according to religious ways. The lives of Indian Women and especially Muslim Indian women has become a misry in present time.

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