Indian Citizens mistreats wild animals

Undoubtedly, human are threatening to wild animals throughout the world by harassing them. They are doing it knowingly or unknowingly by habitat degradation and encroachment. They are also becoming the reason when they do destruction for their own purposes by cutting the trees. Human becomes crueler in this matter.

Indian criticizes are very famous for inhuman behavior with others. However, for the first time in history their inhuman behavior has highlighted in a different manner. A wildlife organization from London has given shocking proof of Indians treating innocent wild animals in such way. Many countries in the world and organizations have shown surprise on such face of Indians.

A huge part of India consists of wildlife forests. Many wild animals are found in the forests of India which are increasing the attraction of forest life. Life of many Indian citizens also depends on the forest related occupations. Many Indians earns their living from the forests.

Wild animals are not only living freely in Indian forests but are found serving Indian citizens in daily life as well. Many animals are captured from wildlife forests and sold in the markets. These innocent animals are also sent to other countries by Indians to earn money. Treating with the animals, sometimes Indians become more animals than the animals.

For the rights of animals in India, many people of the west have started taking very strict stance. Wildlife organizations in world have demanded sanctions against Indian if inhuman behavior of Indian citizens does not changes. Wild animals are also having all the rights to live safe life on planet earth.

Animals in Kerela

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