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Indian citizens exposed by their own media

In recent days, Indian citizens were badly exposed by their own media. When it talks about the largest democracy on the world’s map, Indians are seen at the first row to claim it and never hesitate while claiming it. Undoubtedly, India is also included in those countries which has largest population around the world and also believe in the governance of democracy. However, they still sign of question mark when it talks about the rights of minorities.

The people of India who are taken as simple and local citizen they also come up with the same question whenever they get the chance but in vain. Off course, Indian Citizens especially Hindu community claim as they are well sophisticated and well educated but in reality they are still unable to show any sense of maturity among this big heap of mass.

In recent days, there was a great debate that was held in India with the concept of “Two Nation Theory” that was led by scholars. During the debate, the Indian scholar was got bashed on the pioneer leadership of Pakistan who gave the basic concept of this theory and later also succeeded in it. Some pseudo intellectual also tried to prove it as the worst thing even happened in the last century.

They further tired to throw light on it as due to it, one of the biggest countries was divided into two. He also tried to prove as it was the worst thing which was introduced due to which worst thing of division was happened in sub continent. He actually forgot the attitude of the Hindus of those days when they always tried to mistreat with Muslims before partition.

They always tried to show disrespect to Muslims especially in those area where they were in abundance. They never thought about the mankind about which their leaders were used to address. Talking about the recent situation of the Indian citizens as they tried to misbehave with the girls who were twins and travelling in the bus.

They were not cowards but dared and brave, they started to slap them to all four boys while in the bus. Both sisters struck them badly even they had no way to run and how they got rid from them. people praised them a lot and also showed disrespect for those men who were there and remained to watch the fight between girls and boys.

OMG! People gone weird

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