Ignorant activities on Shrines

When it talks about shrines, the Muslim community got somewhat emotional and got ready to do anything right or wrong. There are many sectors in our country who believe in shrines and put their presence every week or every month or at least every year regularly. However, there are also some other present in this year who do not believe in these activities and also forbids others.

Talking about the religious scholars, they are also divided in this matter as some speaks in the favor of it and others also adopt the same behaviors as some people do. When it talks about in the light of Makkah and Madina, there is no other shrine there as there are only two big places in Saudia Arabia that is Makkah and Madina and people go there at regular intervals.

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When it talks about the country Pakistan and the region sub-continent, there are several religions made here on the basis of several reasons. When there was no one here to spread Islam, people were used to listen music in the form of Qawali or by any other means. Those ones are interested too much in those things as it seems difficult to abandon those habits from them.

Some religious scholars when came in this area they decided to teach preaching of Islam in their own manner. They used the style of Qawali and put some Quranic Verses and events of religious people in the sentences of Qawali and in this way they spread Islam in the region of subcontinent.

However, it was not allowed in Islam but it was done for the time being. So people started to embrace Islam in numbers and they also liked it very much as it resembled with the live styles which they had. It is the matter of 18th and 19th centuries.

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