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Husband Gets punishment from Angry wife in London

It was very unique incident in London Street when one angry wife started to punish her husband. Angry wife even did not notice as where she was standing and what she was doing with her husband. According to her, her husband had illegal relations with other women which were not acceptable.

People who were standing in London Street they all were having some unique feelings as they never had seen such angry wife who was quarreling with her husband for having girlfriends.  Actually in the society where they are living, it is taken as normal thing.


Both life partners have their relations with other girls and friends. They do it intentionally and have no objection on in European and American societies. Now it has been viral other than the European countries also. When wives feel as they are not having such facilities from their husband which they thought, they at once switch to other husbands or boyfriends.

Ethically speaking, the moral values of those communities have been totally collapsed. They even have no values for their relations. They have been totally materialized. Even the wives do not know exactly as who are the fathers of their children. Then they have to undergo some medical testing system to know it.

So we should thank to our Allah as He born us in the Muslim Families. The above said story of angry wife who was punishing to her husband in London Street she actually seems sincere to her husband. That is why she is sentencing him very much.

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