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Human Nature can never be changed

An old man in Dubai has stunned with a strange action at a shopping mall in middle of night. There are some proverbs which are very famous like Human Nature can never be changed. It is the proverb about the human beings as people can never change their which they had from the birth. It can also be little bit wrong at some level but it has been seen as people never changed and they also do not try to change themselves when they even have different environment from the previous ones.

They also try to show their Human Nature as they think themselves very smart but either luckily or unluckily they are trapped badly and then they have no chance to be released. Same is the situation with the people which go abroad from Pakistan and India. They did not face very strict rules in their countries and they try to same things in the same manners and then hanged.

When it talks about the works from away from the home in abroad, the people of sub-continent are too many who are working in abroad. There would be no one country in this world where the people of sub-continent would not be employed. They are everywhere where human being can be lived. So they also become the reason of embarrassment at where they are working.

Especially talking about Pakistan and most importantly those ones who are included in the labors, they always look in this effort to get something without work. They always try to skip the rules and want to get more than it. They have their same Human Nature and do not try to change while living in abroad. They did not leave any occasion where they can have some frauds and theft whenever they get.

Given video is also the example of one thief who is breaking the rules and looting the jewelry from one jewelry shop. He is stealing diamonds and jewelry from the one shop very fast. He is breaking to all glasses in which shopkeeper is decorated all the jewelry.

Actually he is showing his Human Nature while he would definitely earning very handsome amount per month but he has some germs in himself and he cannot fight against them. So he thought as he would flee with all diamonds but he did not notice as they have seen all by their CCTV cameras and informed to police to arrest him.

See What A Man Did In Dubai Late Night Shocking… by IRFITV

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