Horrific train incident reported in India

Horrific train incident reported in India when one man was laid down before train on the railway track. According to reports, when man was waiting for it anxiously as he had to go somewhere in emergency. He was watching to locomotive as when it would come on the platform. There were also many other people along with him who were waiting for locomotive as well.

However, they were all not in such anxious condition as he was being noted. People were also noticing him and his condition as why he was so anxious in his present condition. Some people also asked him about the problem but he did not tell to them anything and said as everything is fine. Now problem was resolved of him when locomotive reached at platform unexpectedly.

When train was very near to platform, he looked as he was getting ready for something. So, it was the time for which he was waiting for and jumped before train over railway track. It was really nasty for all people who were near to him as some were started to scream after watching him being cut.

He put his neck over the track and it separated from the trunk horribly by the pressure train’s wheel. It was really horrible for all the people who were there and watched him being finished his own life. At the same time, police approached there after hearing fuss condition on the platform. When they reached there they saw they had one dead body there on railway track which was really commendable.

According to report, there are about thousands of people who lost their lives in India due to train incidents. According to railway authorities, they have done everything to save people from these incidents but they looked helpless when people themselves come before train to finish their lives.

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