Heart stopping incident in India with Leapord

The management of Cincinnati Zoo, United States of America, shot to 17 years old gorilla when he grabbed and started to drag four year old child who was fallen by chance into its cage. According to authorities of Cincinnati Zoo, the boy who was fell from 10-12 feet height.

It was expected as it would be recovered when he was picked up from the moat when he was being dragged by 400 pound gorilla. It was lowland gorilla with the name of Harambe. It was the time of heart stopping when the management called to sniper to shot gorilla at right time when he had 4 year old child in the legs in the moat.

Video: http://upsidestory.com/ZdjS6

That child remained for 10 minutes in her legs when he was fallen down. According to reports, as zoo officials are still in this effort to know the reason as how the boy fell down into the moat as he was rather crawling through railing barrier.

When it talks about the kids, it comes in mind at once about the nourishing of them. Given video is about the one of actresses who is dancing with her child while song was playing in the surroundings. She was dancing on the beat of song with her child who was very young and at the age of about 2 years. She was full ready to go in one of morning show when she was hampered by her daughter.

She was telling it proudly about her daughter as how she wakes up early in the morning to her parents. She is also sharing her routine work as when she awakes she gets some yoga classes with some music and then has some rehearse about her profession. She shares each and everything about her daily routine life with her fans and to all who were there to watch her and to listen her.

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