So the Game is On Now Pakistan is Ready to Fight With India

Indian Media is started to report cowardly continuing its pattern of hierocracy. Actually it is not the first time when India put blame of their failure of intelligence over Pakistan. Whenever any attack got succeeded against India, they directly put blame over Pakistan and named it as it would definitely have connections with Pakistan. Hilariously, they never proved any single connection with Pakistan of any attack over India.

Now India media is reporting as firstly Pakistan attacked over URI sector and now is started to attack as a whole in India. Actually they are trying to prove themselves very innocent and know nothing about war strategies. According to some analysts, sometimes it seems as India media is at front end in animosity against Pakistan and Indian government is at back end. They never miss any occasion of animosity against Pakistan.

At the point of URI sector, they started to cry like females and named as it is Pakistan and its intelligence which is responsible for all this. On the other hand, they could not prove it by proofs as Pakistan is involved in it. Before some months ago, there was also such kind of incident happened in India in Pathan Kot which was also attached to Pakistan but they again could not prove it right fortunately.

Actually they are actually telling a lie every time and had no proofs in their hands. According to reports, they are involved in the URI attack so that they could blame to Pakistan so that they can have pressure over Pakistan government but this time, Pakistan Prime Minster and Pakistan Army Chief has taken very clear decision. According to them, they would answer forcefully if they would get any problem from border side.

India media is complaining as Pakistan has taken all its preparations as they had stopped everything from big high ways so that they can have practice of jet landings and take on positions. They are also reporting the situation of Islamabad road and everything which is really interesting. It seems as Indian media has started to report for Pakistani people for Indian people.

So the Game is On Now Pakistan is Ready 

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