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Fish crawls on earth amazingly Surprises public

It would be very proved as wonderful news for fish lover especially for those who always in this effort to find new species of fish. Fish is found in the vicinity of Australia which can crawl on earth and live without water amazingly. It has created buzz in the whole world especially for aquatic analysts.

According to some analysts who have deep eye on the ocean life, they named it as an extraordinary discovery in the rest of the world. To live without water for the fish is just like to live without oxygen for human. However, it has been proved in the case of fish right now.

When it got viral on the internet portals, people also started to tune that mysterious channel which broke that amazing news. Some people still had doubt on the news until they did not see the news with their open eyes and to that discovered fish which was crawling on earth.

There would be nobody present in this world especially those ones who have some information about the aquatic life; they all are surprised without having any words for this new discovery. They further told to media as it was firstly taken as a big lie or publicity stunt but it had shocked to everyone.

According to media news, that particular fish is found near the harbor of Australia and ecosystem of Australia suits for those kinds of fish. Some fish lover or aquatic analysts also envy on the fate of Australia as it has got first position in this field.

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