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Female reporter gets disrespected and punched in live telecast

One Russian female reporter of one private channel was punched right at that time when she was busy in reporting in Paris. She was punched by coward protester who came in snaking way from behind her while she was busy with her camera in Paris. It was the protest against controversial laws about new labour. According to resources, it was Anna Baranova and was correspondent with Russia Today who also showed composure on her face.

Yes, it was noted she got upset for a while and in the next moment she disappeared to all her frightened impression from her face and looked composure when one insane masked man attacked on her. She did not stop her reporting and did continue it with the same pace which was remarkable and amazing. Due to this protest, the French Capital is going to be changed into wracked form from last several days.

The ongoing condition of Paris is only due to amendment in new labour law which is introduced by Socialist President Francois Hollande and by the Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Talking about the incident and the beautiful reporter which got smashed by one of protestors, she came from Russia and her family member got worried after seeing all this.

According to reporting as it was happened in Tuesday and while seeing the whole situation of Paris, the reporter’s mother, Tatyana Fedorova, also tweeted in stilted English and tried to understand her pain for her girl. She tried to express her pain and worry in her sentences and showed love for her daughter and cherished for her safe return after covering the protest in Paris. She also mentioned as she don’t care to any workers’ right but care for her only daughter which is out of country without her mother.

One of her colleagues of RT correspondent Peter Olive further added as she showed her restraint at the right time was a credit which only went to her. It was awesome restraint reaction which she showed towards smasher during reporting. It was definitely very difficult to grab the patient like this way.

Andrey Biryukov, is the uncle of effected girl who also heartened her niece and also praised her professionalism. During the period of protests, police also arrested about 87 people when they demonstrate against the government. However, it is still mystery whether they have arrested to that masked man.

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