Female gets into Problem With Police becomes Famous

When it talks about the Ramadan transmission, we see many actresses or actors who come on the stage to guide people according to Islam. Interestingly, all actresses also start to wear cloak on their heads in the respect of month Ramadan. They all are changed spontaneously after the Ramadan and coming it as well.

Actresses who are fully involved in non Islamic activities and also encouraged to the participants in their programs, they also behave as very pious ones. Unfortunately, they are all followed by our foolish people who start to like everyone before getting any solid reason.

You can see even those actresses in Ramadan transmission which would never come before and after the Ramadan. We should discourage all such faces to come on the stage in Ramadan transmission. All producers should think over it and they must bring those people who are well in Islam in their lives after the Ramadan.

There are many personalities in the showbiz to whom producers can give the responsibilities of host in Ramadan transmission. They should not involve to females in Ramadan transmission as our religion does not allow to its followers to come face to face with females.

Given video is the example of above discussion as she is dealing in Ramadan transmission and on the other hand, she is also busy in drama industry. It is directly mocking with the religion of Islam. We should be hypocrite in the matters of Islam otherwise we would be badly punished.

Rabia Anum Hit Lady Police Constable

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