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Feelings of London Girl about Muslims

Very awkward incident happened with a Muslim boy when he met with London Girl in one of famous London Parks. He wanted to have experience as what people of European Countries thought about the Muslims. Especially he wanted to have views of young generations of European Countries.

For this purpose, he goes in the one of London Parks where he sees one London Girl sitting on the bench.  He goes near to her and gives permission for sitting purposes. She gives him permission and he sits near to her on the same bench.


He asks reluctantly her as why she is here and for what she is waiting for. Firstly, she gets some reluctant and then says as waiting for her friend. He again asks that London Girl about her friend. He asks as that friend is surly girl not boy. When she listens it from him she is started to laugh.

She says yes it is she for which she is waiting. He praises her as she is very beautiful and gorgeous. He said to her he wanted to have friendship with her if she did not mind. After sometime she agrees to have friendship with him. He asked her about her cell phone.

The problem arises when she asks him his name and when he tells him, Karim. That London Girl worried and he told him it is a Muslim. She rejected for friendship with and went away saying this. Muslims are bad who tortured their wives and bound them to their homes. He tried a lot to stop her but in vain.

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