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Famous politician faces shame because of daughter

A famous politician in Pakistani political arena has been facing a lot of shame these days for his daughter. She was found in a private party with her friends. The lady herself has a big political image and was criticized badly in media.

The shameful act of the lady has not only become shame for the famous politician. The political party of the lady has also faced a lot of problems in the political arena due to the bad act of lady. All the leaders of the political party have also condemned the act of political lady in private party.

The life of every famous politician has started to come in the media similarly in Pakistan these days. The political leaders are very much annoyed with such attitude in the media. Earlier the Pakistani media was very much careful about giving any news about personal life of the political leaders. Since some time the trend in the media has changed.

Almost every famous politician in Pakistan has forced the government to make changes in the powers of media. The political Pakistani political parties have also started keeping the media away from political gatherings as well. With careful attitude of political parties, important news has not reached the media recently as well.

Though the private life of the political leaders needs privacy in media but news are also required to come out independently. A balanced environment in the politics cannot be maintained without independent media. Every famous politician should realize the importance of the news industry in the political society as well.

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