Famous politician daughter becomes shame for family

Daughter of a famous politician has become a big shame for family when she was spoken in a private parry. The famous lady was in very unethical condition with her friends in a private party. Someone in the party has captured the footage on mobile and shared it on social media.

These days every famous politician in Pakistan has become favorite target of the media in the news programs. The anchors come with new shocking news about the political leaders every day in the media. The media has been earning a lot in the major programs in the programs.

Politics has also become the favorite topic to discuss in the private meetings of public as well. People are very often seen talking about every famous politician in the country. The personal life of the political leaders has been discussed in public very openly. No political leader in Pakistan has left with any kind of personal secrets.

The personal life of every famous politician getting public has also created a lot of problems. The life of several political leaders has also suffered with such acts by the people and media. Especially since the media has given independent in Pakistan, things have changed dramatically.

Mostly every political party has started to keep the political functions away from media. Media has given access to the life of politicians now only related to the political matters. The private life of every famous politician has all the liberty to keep away from public at his will.

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