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How fake saints effects on ignorant people

How spiritual healer or fake saints are subjecting to women to torture? How people are going to fake saints to resolve their problems unknowingly in Pakistan which has become too much common. According to reports, majority of the visitors who come to those “pirs” are women which are either not able to conceive or they have grown tried due to their husbands’ oppressive behavior.

On the other hand, in the side of in-laws they also have thinking as their daughter in law has been victim of black magic. It is also observed as some spurious healers exploit to women and use them for their own wrong advantages. In the given story, one elderly-looking person comes in the pictures and introduces himself as a saint to ignorant community.

People of the community also started to go to him with their problems and someone also got some relief after attending the meeting with him. As it is said earlier, women are always finds at large at the station of saint especially “fake saints”. So one female who does not had offspring and became very mush disappointed when this thinking came in her mind.

When she talks with one of her best friend about her present condition she refers her to that fake saint for her ailment. She was also looking for some miracle to resolve her problem and she thinks it better rather than to spend money on medical ailment. Sometimes people became blind in their temptation and forget everything related to humanity.

Same was the situation happened in this story. When she goes to that one of fake saints, he asks her the whole story. She also tells him each and everything about her family. Firstly he said to her as she could not become mother in her whole life. She started to cry badly when she listened this. So after passing some time, he asked her to come in the next morning with one little boy if she wants to become mother.

Actually that fake saint had a business to abduct children in the disguise of spiritual healer. On the other hand, she could not able to find any little but her first niece. She goes with her niece to him with some cash money. He got both the cash and the boy from her and gave her a little thing to bind with her body. In this way these spiritual healer are using these innocent people for their black businesses.

Extremely shameful act by a Girl

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