Extreme Unethical Conversation in Morning Show

Extreme unethical conversation about women’s problems in a live morning show has become problem for a TV Channel. The Private channel has been given warning and further actions to be taken by the PEMRA after harsh response form public.

There has been a lot of anger developed in the public as well on such type of discussion in the morning show. There have been several complaints sent by people about the TV Channel on which the program was aired. Such conversations have become a routine matter in Pakistani media these days.

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Almost every private TV channel in the media these days have started showing such programs. These conversations are no doubt are very useful for women of old age but are equally becoming a reason of wrong education to the girls of young age. Almost every morning show has watched in homes by children as well. These things for the children of young age are not good to watch.

Children watching and listen these things in the morning show learn things which are not required for their age. Private TV Channel owners are only interested in making money and they do not have interest in educating good things to the public. Their objectives are to make money and get good ratings.

Instead of showing such unethical things on every TV channel, PEMRA should restrict them to show good content. TV can be a very good medium of educating the youth instead destroying ethical values. Such things should not be discussed in morning show for the sake of ethical values of children.

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