Dubai Camel race festival starts in desert

Dubai camel race festival will once again take place in the desert after a gap of long years. The animal racing festival was banned all over Gulf due to protests of the human and children rights organizations. It was told in the new that the racing authorities have now made some changes in the methods of the games.

Instead of using the small children as jokey in the camel race, use of robots has been adopted. The ruler of Dubai has given special attention in developing the robot jokes as he was himself a great lover of the sport. The Arab citizens are very much fond of all types of camel sports since ever.


Especially, the camel race has been part of the Arab tradition. The camel racing was not only played in the deserts around Dubai but was also very much popular in other gulf countries as well. The Arab citizens take part in the traditional camel sports with great zeal and zest. All over the gulf these sports are arranged regularly.

The start of camel race festival has brought a lot of amusement in the Arab citizens. A lot of other activities will also come back to the deserts along Dubai during the camel sports. The Life in the desert becomes very much alive with the camel sports.

Since very long time the tourism in Dubai was also suffering due to ban on the camel sports. The tourism in UAE will nourish once again with these games. The animals taking part in the camel race will also become very costly once again in the gulf countries.

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