Cowered Lover caught in trouble with girlfriend

A young Lover was caught in deep trouble at doorstep with girlfriend.  When he saw her two giant sized brothers. It was a very funny satiation seen in a video footage, shared by someone on the internet. The Boyfriend turned out to be a cowered and lire in the end.

In the start of the footage, both of them were seen together, making plans for their marriage and future. When the girlfriend asked the Youngman that if he was sure of meeting her family. Her boyfriend was giving her assurance of anything in the world for her. When he reconfirmed his will and assured her everything they went towards the home.

At the door, the girlfriend knocked and when the door opened. The boyfriend ran away without saying a single word from his lips. He had seen two brothers of the girl who were both nearly seven feet long and built like wrestlers. One of them was holding a shot gun in his hands also. It was a very funny situation when the young man was seen running away leaving the girl at the door. For whom he was calming to risk his life at any cost.

It was a funny little illustrative clip based on a girlfriend and boyfriend. It was a very good lesson to think for those girls who get caught in the trap of such boys and waste their time. They not only wait their time but also become a reason of embarrassment for their parents.

Every girl in the society should learn whom to believe in the society and                whom not to believe. The fashion of making girlfriend and boyfriend among youngsters has spoiled the culture of the society already.

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