Couple suffers badly in silly Motorbike Stunts

A couple has suffered very badly in front of several hundred people in a motorbike stunts show. The stuntman in the show was driving the bike with girl sitting on the front side of the motorcycle. The collided with public horribly. Luckily there was no serious damage in the incident.

There are several people in the society who become victim of such incidents every day. Motorbike stunts have taken more lives on roads than other traffic incidents. Mostly the youngster becomes reason of such problems. They have become very much fond of becoming stuntman on the roads. Forgetting the dangers of life on road the youngsters very often becomes problem for others as well

Motorbike stunts have become the most uncontrolled problem everywhere in the world. The world has been trying to figure out the ways of stopping children to become stuntman in the traffic.  Motorcycle was invented for the man kind to use it for travelling. However, people have started to use it on the other way.

Many youngsters are found ending in hospitals trying to become stuntman. Many have taken others to hospitals as well in the motorbike stunts. Several countries of the world have made very strict laws against the stunt driving. Still a large number of young generations have always been able to get away from the eyes of the law.

The law cannot stop the young generation alone to become stuntman. Collective efforts of parents and elders in the society needed to rectify things for everyone. Everyone will suffer badly until the dangerous motorbike stunts are not stooped.

Stunts Failure

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