College Hostel Students Leaves Ethical bad example

College Students living in a Hotel created a big mess with fellow students while trying to scare her. The entire planning went terribly wrong when their female fellow responded in weird way, it become a very enjoyable situation to watch when all of the,m were running away in different rooms looking for some place to hide form her. In the end, all the students living in the Hostel did enjoyed the episode and promised not do any such silly thing in the future.

The Act however gives a lesson to the young generation as well. many times it has seen that youngsters living in the hostels gets involves on terrible and weird things. These things later become problem for them and their parents as well. Overall, if we look into these things closely. it becomes a fault of college administration and the parents who let the students do such things.


Some footage of female students received and shared on internet portals that were taken in educational institutions. Off course, students rather female or males, all are involved in the mischievous activities which are done in the educational institutes. However such kinds of activities which you would see in the given video, it would definitely leave you stunned and you would definitely think about their own children and their educational institutions.

Everyone makes noises and do something different when someone has teen age at school or college level. It is the age when no one can understand the severity of the mistakes and carry on to repeat the doings either right or wrong. Sometimes teenagers also got irritated when they are forbidden to repeat such stupid action but in return they admonish for something wrong.

New generation of this modern era has been completed changed and for a while think few steps ahead from their parents in negative sense not in positive. They have replies of every question but in negative mode and they do whatever they want in most of the cases as seen in numbers of thesis. It seems as it has been difficult to our own children to safe from wrongdoings.

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