Chinese submarine lurked past Indian waters to reach Karachi

Chinese submarine lurked past Indian water to reach Karachi secretly. The claim of India to be very powerful super power in sub continent or Asia has been again proved wrong when Chinese submarine got successful coming Pakistan by using the way of India from water. Even Indian water army could not anything against Chinese submarine as they did not know anything about the presence of submarine of China.

Interestingly, it was India Media which did not stop to make fun of Indian Army and told to whole world as how capable their army around the world. They reported that case in such words as Chinese Army has showed to Indian Army their real level and did not let them know about the presence of Chinese submarine in their waters. According to them, the latest submarine of Chinese came from Indian water to Pakistan.

They all could not inform about the presence of submarine really and they were also astonished when they heard it from their Indian Media. According to media, it came from the way of China and also getting refilled it again got the same way to go home in China. It was really interesting as they could not find even it adopted the same way to go home. Indian always claimed very high about their technology and had nothing which is very clear witness of their technology.

According to information, there were about 65 people in the submarine which was also latest one and going to be included in the armaments of China, they took it first voyage by checking it through India. According to news, it had about very high technology by which they even can destroy aircraft and air jets including many other latest technologies. It is also said as it would be really very amazing for India as it was full of dangerous armaments and had been passed through India and it did not know at all.

Talking about India, it had about 181 submarines including 200 air planes in which India also had one atomic submarine. However such a big India army could not know about the submarine of Chinese which was really questionable over the abilities of Indian army.

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