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How fake saints effects on ignorant people

How spiritual healer or fake saints are subjecting to women to torture? How people are going to fake saints to resolve their problems unknowingly in Pakistan which has become too much common. According to reports, majority of the visitors who come to those “pirs” are women which are either not able to conceive or they have grown tried due to […]

Parents buries their Baby girl alive in India

It is the incident of district Madhya Pradesh of city Burhanpur where parents tried to bury their baby girl alive. However, she was come with good fate as she remained safe from any injury when she was rescued by farmer. That farmer came to his field for work when he got her. According to farmer, he came in his field […]

Shameful act of burying baby girl in India

There was very shocking story breaks at that time when one three days old baby girl tried to bury alive by their heads. Fortunately, it saved when one farmer came to his field for work. He found one baby girl buried alive in his field. He saves her and brought her up from the dig. When some media groups arrived […]

Husband Gets punishment from Angry wife in London

It was very unique incident in London Street when one angry wife started to punish her husband. Angry wife even did not notice as where she was standing and what she was doing with her husband. According to her, her husband had illegal relations with other women which were not acceptable. People who were standing in London Street they all […]

Angry Wife Punishes Husband publicly in London Street

One angry wife is started to punish her husband in London Street when she finds as he has some relations with other women. There were also many people around them but angry wife had no shy on what she was doing. Husband remained in the situation of statue and did not utter a single word while getting punishment. Actually it […]

American Airport Security officials treats girl unethically

An American student has claimed that she was touched at private body parts at an American airport by the TSA officials. Such incidents with the females in America have noticed very often recently. Shameful act of the security officials have become a routine with women. Name of the country like America has also been become very badly in the world […]

Lady gets unethical treatment at American airport

An American lady has complained about unethical treatment with her at an American airport. The lady was mistreated by security officials at an airport in America while search. Searching the body of lady, the male security officials tried to cross limits unethically. The shameful act of the security officers was condemn able by everyone. Almost every American airport travelers have […]

Salman Taseer Daughter becomes shame in family

The daughter of ex-governor Punjab, Salman Taseer has become a big shame for the family. It was due to a video footage released by fans of Mumtaz Qadri. The video has come into media after she had used harsh word in her social media message. The daughter of Ex-governor Punjab used very harsh words against Mumtaz Qadri some days ago. […]

Salman Taseer Daughter issue becomes more controversy

The Issue of Salman Taseer Daughter has become very much discussed these days. There was a presses note by the daughter of ex-governor Punjab after capital punishment. The followers of Mumtaz Qadri have answered the allegations raised by his daughter. Mumtaz Qadri has been awarded with capital punishment a few days ago. He was charged with taking life of Salman […]

Man escapes certain incident in Sharjah

An Asian driver travelling on Emirates road between Sharjah and Dubai escaped a horrible incident from his car. He was driving his car at a miraculous speed towards Dubai. The car suddenly picked up fire. Motorists travelling on the highway stopped to see the white vehicle burning in flames in the middle of the road opposite to the Ansar Mall […]