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Female Maids in Dubai faces serious problems

Female becomes victim in Dubai by some Pakistani people who took her out of country by offering her job of 2000 Dubai Dirham. According to her, she worked in houses when she met with the wife of Shehbaz. She asked her as she could get more money by giving her same services in Dubai. When she insisted her lot of […]

College Hostel Students Leaves Ethical bad example

College Students living in a Hotel created a big mess with fellow students while trying to scare her. The entire planning went terribly wrong when their female fellow responded in weird way, it become a very enjoyable situation to watch when all of the,m were running away in different rooms looking for some place to hide form her. In the […]

Non-Serious act of Hostel Students Creates Mess

Some college Students having very non-serious attitude created a big mess in Hostel. Because of their non-serious act, another female student had to suffer badly for sometime. However, later tables were turned and all of them had to face the circumstances. It created a big example for the others as well who do not live in the hostel premises very […]

Ignorant activities on Shrines

When it talks about shrines, the Muslim community got somewhat emotional and got ready to do anything right or wrong. There are many sectors in our country who believe in shrines and put their presence every week or every month or at least every year regularly. However, there are also some other present in this year who do not believe […]

Act of Public at Shrine becomes Shameful

In the given video, it can be seen as how they are violating the rules of Islam as many female are going without veil in shrines which is not acceptable. When they asked about it they gave reference of those people who were ignorant. In religion Islam, it is not acceptable to go the women out without veil but in […]

Heart stopping incident in India with Leapord

The management of Cincinnati Zoo, United States of America, shot to 17 years old gorilla when he grabbed and started to drag four year old child who was fallen by chance into its cage. According to authorities of Cincinnati Zoo, the boy who was fell from 10-12 feet height. It was expected as it would be recovered when he was picked up […]

Inhuman Act of Indians with Poor leopard

Zoo officials further added as they had called out two female gorillas from the enclosure when they found as boy had been fallen in the moat. They took quick reaction to save the baby otherwise female gorillas might be harmed him. Though, they could not move away to third one which at last had to give his life for the […]

Python attacks to its hunter

When it talks about the Python, the form of dangerous snake, it is found in abundance in American forests. When it matters about the appetite, nothing can be secure from its furious including human beings. Even the specialists who are trained to capture snakes, they also got stings from Python when they are behaving like mad ones. No one would […]

How dangerous road incidents happen

To know the reality as how dangerous road incidents happens one survey was conducted in UK. They studied about more than 70,000 vehicles crashes which produced very detailed evidence about the road traffic incidents. They got the views of every driver either one drives a big vehicle or small vehicle; they did not ignore even a single driver when they […]

Human Nature can never be changed

An old man in Dubai has stunned with a strange action at a shopping mall in middle of night. There are some proverbs which are very famous like Human Nature can never be changed. It is the proverb about the human beings as people can never change their which they had from the birth. It can also be little bit wrong […]