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Israeli soldiers make life miserable for Palestinians children

Israeli forces are started to slay Palestinian children ruthlessly in Palestine. They have started to making tyrants activities against children which should be stopped by World Powers. Now all human organizations should be come before Israeli soldiers and asked them to stop their tyrant activities. There are many organizations who are working for the welfare of human but for Palestine […]

Pet Animal Attacks Child in Dubai dangrously

In one of Arabian countries, some rich people of Arabs decided to get Aftari in some different way. They arranged one cradle in which all family members including friends sat in that cradle. It was the time of Aftari when they sat in that cradle and they wanted to make history as it was never happened again. All were very […]

Strange Animal incident happens in Arab country

Very strange incident has happened in Arab country last Friday evening. Some Arab family members including their friends decided to sit in the cradle. It is definitely not unique and strange to sit in the cradle but they were all in the cradle to open their fasts. They further enhance their mission and try to give it the shape of […]

Trials being Muslim People faces in India

An Indian Mother takes her life along with her two children to escape from her husband. Husband was reported to have been mistreating her and two children very badly since very long time. The tragic incident was reported in India times last week. The incident has spread a lot of scarcity in people all over India. When we are abroad […]

Indian Muslims living Worst Life than Ever

Two innocent Indian Children reported to have lost their lives along with their mother in Madhya Pradesh. The shocking incident was reported in Daily India Times telling that woman and children have become victim of husband’s inhuman behavior. It was one of many other cases that have been reported in the past about the misery of Indian women. An especially […]

Game is Over for Hamza Shahbaz

Hamza Shahbaz, the member of national assembly and the son of the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, finds himself in a weaker position at the moment because his cousin Maryam Safdar has started controlling the affairs. In the absense of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam is running the affairs of the country from the PM house Islamabad. […]

Amjad Sabri Passed Away in Karachi

A Mobile video of Amjad Sabri Incident has become viral on the social media in last couple of hours. The video was filmed by some eye witnesses on the incident site in Karachi. The footage shows how exactly the famous singer had passed away and spent his last moments in his car. The tragic incident has taken place today afternoon […]

Tusk Hunters becomes biggest problem for wild elephants

Elephant Tusk hunters have become biggest danger for the animals in wildlife forests. Wild elephants are facing inhumanity all over the world by the people who have curse of money. Sometimes examples have seen when animals are treated in worsts ever way to remove their tusks. Especially, Indians are seen doing worst treatment to the wild elephants than rest of […]

Tusk Hunters makes life miserable for wild elephants

Everywhere in the world, tusk hunters have made life of wild elephants miserable. Hundreds and thousands innocent animals become victim of illegal trade of Tusks every year. Trading of elephant tooth has banned all over the world. Especially inhumanity with innocent wildlife has increased in India. However, in some African countries and India, Tusk hunters has seen active despite legal […]

Female entices group exposed in Dubai

Female entices group exposed in Dubai when one of his member took female from Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. It was the story of female who was enticed by Shehbaz and his wife who were the residents of Rahim Yar Khan. Shehbaz worked in Dubai with her wife and came in Pakistan in those days. According to interview of female, she […]