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Chinese submarine lurked past Indian waters to reach Karachi

Chinese submarine lurked past Indian water to reach Karachi secretly. The claim of India to be very powerful super power in sub continent or Asia has been again proved wrong when Chinese submarine got successful coming Pakistan by using the way of India from water. Even Indian water army could not anything against Chinese submarine as they did not know […]

So the Game is On Now Pakistan is Ready to Fight With India

Indian Media is started to report cowardly continuing its pattern of hierocracy. Actually it is not the first time when India put blame of their failure of intelligence over Pakistan. Whenever any attack got succeeded against India, they directly put blame over Pakistan and named it as it would definitely have connections with Pakistan. Hilariously, they never proved any single […]

Horrific train incident reported in India

Horrific train incident reported in India when one man was laid down before train on the railway track. According to reports, when man was waiting for it anxiously as he had to go somewhere in emergency. He was watching to locomotive as when it would come on the platform. There were also many other people along with him who were […]

Man loses his life by hitting train

Man loses his own life by hitting to train in India when he was waiting for locomotive at platform. He looked very anxious from his face when he was on the platform and watching towards locomotive again and again. It looked as he was in hurry to do something very soon. When some people asked him about his problem he […]

Afghan females get recruited in American Army

Talking about get recruited in American Army for Afghan females always has been difficult process. They all have to pass those tests which are compulsory for their own females in America. They did not spare to anyone during training session. If they get any problem during training session they have to quit from army and there is no other option. […]

Teacher mistreats with students like animals

Teacher mistreats with students like animals when he finds them busy in mischief. He called to all students and asked them to stand in a row. He was busy to read newspaper and asked them to stand in fully shiny day. They were all stood there without asking any question. After getting free from reading newspaper, he moves towards them […]

Indian citizens exposed by their own media

In recent days, Indian citizens were badly exposed by their own media. When it talks about the largest democracy on the world’s map, Indians are seen at the first row to claim it and never hesitate while claiming it. Undoubtedly, India is also included in those countries which has largest population around the world and also believe in the governance […]

Female reporter gets disrespected and punched in live telecast

One Russian female reporter of one private channel was punched right at that time when she was busy in reporting in Paris. She was punched by coward protester who came in snaking way from behind her while she was busy with her camera in Paris. It was the protest against controversial laws about new labour. According to resources, it was […]

Muslim In India Gets Inhuman Treatment

This amazing reaction of a cow surprised London citizens when they saw this video on internet. It was really awesome video in which one cow is attacking on man and saves one woman. It was so strange as cow was on the man and woman but woman did not hurt at all by the foot of cow. The citizens of […]

Inhuman behavior with Indian Musulims Increases

Yes, London Citizens were stunned when they saw this video on internet. It was very shiny day and London citizens were on their way to work when this video was uploaded in one of city of India. It was definitely very brutal way to slaughter any animal. It was looked as some school boys were making fun and they did […]