Famous politician daughter becomes shame for family

Daughter of a famous politician has become a big shame for family when she was spoken in a private parry. The famous lady was in very unethical condition with her friends in a private party. Someone in the party has captured the footage on mobile and shared it on social media. These days every famous politician in Pakistan has become […]

Famous politician faces shame because of daughter

A famous politician in Pakistani political arena has been facing a lot of shame these days for his daughter. She was found in a private party with her friends. The lady herself has a big political image and was criticized badly in media. The shameful act of the lady has not only become shame for the famous politician. The political […]

Extreme Unethical Conversation in Morning Show

Extreme unethical conversation about women’s problems in a live morning show has become problem for a TV Channel. The Private channel has been given warning and further actions to be taken by the PEMRA after harsh response form public. There has been a lot of anger developed in the public as well on such type of discussion in the morning […]

PEMRA Warns TV Channel for Morning Show

PEMRA has issued warning and taken strict actions against a private TV Channel for a popular morning show. There was extreme unethical conversation in the morning program about the medical problems of ladies. Anger in public was also noticed because of the program. There was huge demand by the people in the society to take actions against the TV channel […]

Wasim Akram, Master of Swing Bowling art

It was always a special delight to watch Wasim Akram, the star Pakistani Fast Bowler attacking the batsmen whey gets going. There would not be any fan of the cricket on the planet earth, which never herds of the star cricketer from Pakistan. He was also known as Swing Ka Sultan. Wasim Akram dominated the fast bowling from very beginning […]