Bank Manager becomes false Pundit Baba hilariously

Bank manager becomes false Pundit Baba hilariously in one of villages of India. He disguised himself as same as false Pundit Baba has and started to work in village. He also had team of some men who used to go in the village and tell about different spiritual works of Pundit Baba. After that one of media team also started […]

New Movie Trailer released of Deepika Padukone

Deepkia Padukone, a name of acting in Bollywood who has made her name in acting. She is very talented actresses in Bollywood who made her name at first row in the list of Bollywood’s actresses. Now a days, she has become the most wanted actresses in India. She has done too many roles in her career. She also has worked […]

Deepika Padukone appears in Hollywood

Deepika Padukone appears in Hollywood movie with the name of “Return of Xander Cage”. She is coming with very renowned actor named Vin Diesel. She had done very well in this movie according to her co stars who have worked with her in this movie. When it was asked to Deepika Padukone about her acting in this movie, she was […]

Female gives punishment to cheater friend

Female gives punishment to her cheater friend in China when she finds him with another female of her age. She loves him very much and also has been with him for months together. She was fully confident on her friendship and also told to their friends about her friendship. Her friends sometimes asked her to be aware from boys but […]

Female finds her cheater friend with another woman

Female finds her cheater friend with another woman of her age in China. She was very possessive with her friend and loved him very much. She could not think about this as both have made some promises with each other for future planning. She was very happy after meeting him in her life. However, it made her upset when she […]

Bollywood media breaks secrets of Kareena

According to one of Bollywood media news, Kareena is pregnant that is the reason she has been left for London. As she want to get rid from her daily routine life where she also has three and half months pregnancy. She did not tell anyone according to reports. That particular Bollywood media also sometimes names it as rumors as they […]

Reckless statement by religious scholar

One of religious scholar got out of his sense and declared some reckless statement which caused to disrespect of all the religion around the world. It was happened in the recent days when that religious scholar was called in some of morning shows. He was not alone but also had one of beautiful queen with him. She is also very […]

Wife caught her husband at airport

At one of famous airport in India, wife caught her husband with red handed with his girlfriend. getting caught in such condition becomes problem for the man initially but what happen next was surprising for everyone. The video became viral when someone recorded the whole conversation at airport and uploaded it on all internet portals including facebook, dailymotion and youtube. […]

Nida Yasir shares insane incident

Nida Yasir, a name of morning show and people also like her very much due to her innocent conversation while on the set and off the set. She is very famous in those females who also do not do anything in their homes and like to see morning show all day. The morning show of Nida Yasir is also very […]

Brave girl wrestles with giant crocodile

A brave girl in Australia fought with a giant cricdile in the animal park bravely. When it talks about the reptiles, crocodile is taken as the largest one in its family. According to recent research reptiles are often found in tropical areas especially in Africa, Australia, America and in Asia. Talking about the relation according to zoology, crocodiles are included […]