Children in Palestine are being massacred

Children in Palestine are being massacred ruthlessly. There is no one in the whole world that can stop to Israel for this. Talking about Muslim countries, they also have started different fights with each other. They whole golf area has now become the field of war. All anti Muslim powers have started work against all Muslims. They wanted to perish […]

Passengers make trouble with Air Hostess

Passengers make fund with air hostess especially she came to them to ask some protection announcement. She was getting ready for it when they all started to make noise on her every movement. She noted as she was going to be copied by them and she stopped for a while. The sound was also stopped. All passengers were started to […]

Air Hostess gets trouble with boys in plane

Passengers were started to make fun of air hostess when she came to them. She also did not mind and started to make fun with all boys. Actually it was looked like trip of boys who were traveling from Pakistan to Dubai. There were about more than 100 and were making fun throughout the whole way. When plane started to […]

Bride starts to weep while her departure

Bride starts to weep and did not end while her departure from her parents’ home. She starts to weep when other guests come to you to ask her goodbye. It were the last moments of wedding ceremony when guests were coming to her but she started to weep like little children. Elders also come to her and asked her to […]

Bride worries her blood relations on departure

Bride worries to her blood relation on her departure. She remained calm in the whole function, but she started to weep badly when she saw as she was going to leave her parents’ home. She did not stop to weep for about one hour. Many guests were come to her and asked her to be quiet. According to reports, she […]

Hilarious Act of British Youngster surprises public

Tamil film industry is very famous in India. It is also running parallel to Bollywood and producing same source of enjoyment to Indian public as Bollywood. Tamil Industry is very unique in its essence as it has very hilarious dialogue collection in the movies. Some of the scenes of Tamil movies does not relate to reality and create little buzz […]

British Youth Surprises Public for media appearance

One of precious moments of Tamil Indian movie which can make you cry after watching it. It was very horrible in its essence as in this scene heroin got a bullet in her head. It happens when her lover bend in front of her and bullet stuck to her head unknowingly. According to the story of the movie, hero has […]

Rabia Gets Pictured With Snake In Geo News Studio

A woman named Rabia has arrested today in Lahore by Police. She instantly become famous become of having resemblance with Geo Anchor.l When it talks about the real faces of celebrities, it comes true in the month of Ramadan. You can say in other words as our celebrities can do everything for the sake of money. They even put their […]

Female gets into Problem With Police becomes Famous

When it talks about the Ramadan transmission, we see many actresses or actors who come on the stage to guide people according to Islam. Interestingly, all actresses also start to wear cloak on their heads in the respect of month Ramadan. They all are changed spontaneously after the Ramadan and coming it as well. Actresses who are fully involved in […]

Indian media exposed to false Pundit

One of India media exposed to false Pundit who was trying to mistreat all villagers. According to them, he came from somewhere and disguised into Pundit appearance and started to lead people very easily. People of the village were also very simple and innocent who started to accept his orders like good one. Unfortunately, people did not about his background […]