Muhammad Aamir And Nargis Walima Ceremony

Famous cricketer Muhammad Amir’s walima ceremony held in Lahore on Wednesday. The twenty four years old Amir got married with Pakistan born British girl named, Narjis. All the events were organized in good manners. The fast bowler has started his new innings of life with his beloved wife Narjis. Amir had his nikkah ceremony two years ago. His wife Narjis […]

Pakistan Army Takesdown Taliban in Operation Zarb e Azab

Pakistan Army takes down Taliban in operation Zarb e Azab. Pakistan has paid mush amount to become allies of America and its Allies but unfortunately America still ask to Pakistan to do more. America never understood in what horrible situation Pakistan is passing. Pakistan has been badly disturbed after becoming part of it as it was going to flourish by […]

Beggar mistreats by proud shopkeeper

Beggar mistreats by proud shopkeeper when he finds beggar in front of his shop every morning. Beggar was found in rags with nasty smell when shopkeeper used to open the gate of his shop every morning. He always taunted him badly and sometimes even hurt him to sit before his shop. Beggar was also stuck to that shop as he […]

Iqrar ul Hassan raids over suspicious restaurants

Iqrar ul Hassan again raids over suspicious restaurant when he finds many complaints about the restaurants. He already had done raid against the restaurant in which same suspicious activities were found. When he raided over previous restaurant, according to him they were more powerful than his whole media persons. He further told in his report as when they raided with […]

Stepmother and Little Child Relation surprises World

Mother establishes history of oppression with her own child. There would be no mother of her types in the whole world. Mother is also said as the most sincere entity to her children in the whole world. However, here is the whole matter is seen totally reversed. You can see how one mother is bathing to her new born baby. […]

Moment Delta Air Lines pilot locked out of cockpit revealed

Airplanes collide with each other when both were showing some tricks to people on one of special day. There were many people there who were applauding to both pilots while seeing their different tricks. Actually it was the Italian Air Show in which numbers of skilled pilots were come and were going to show their expertise in the air. It […]

Real Man still exists in materialistic society

Real man still exists in this materialistic society amazingly. Off course, in this materialistic region everyone wants to get his own advantages by hook or crook. Everybody wants as he should be in the list as topper for getting worldly advantages. They never think about anybody who is also standing beneath them.  They only want to make their own dreams […]

Groom dies on his wedding day unhappily

Groom dies on his wedding day unhappily in district Okara. According to his family he was very happy about his marriage as he had same bride to whom he wanted. He worked in abroad and came in Pakistan about 4-5 days before his marriage ceremony. The whole family was very happy about his marriage and everybody was very happy. When […]

Islamic Scholar shocked the whole world

It was the incident from one of Islamic country when one Islamic scholar was giving his interview. He was going on live in one channel when he felt as his chair started to shake badly. Actually it was very bad earthquake that shook the whole studio at that time. The anchorperson who was interviewing him also tried to escape from […]

Some false methods practice in Islam

Now a days, some false methods are being practiced in Islam to whom Islam never let to their follower to do so. In the given video you can see how little is walking or offering prayer on fire which is totally absurd. Islam never ever preaches to its followers to do it. It is the only single sector in our […]