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World surprised with Rwandan Human massacre details

The greatest Human massacre of history took place in Rwanda nearly twenty years ago from now. Many years entire world did not know about the miseries that Rwandan people had to see. It was 1994, when some mass graves were found in different parts of country which shocked the entire world. There were mass graves filled with remains of thousands […]

Wild animals mistreated by Indians

Undeniably, human being is responsible for cruel slaying of wild animals. They are not only slaying to animals but also capturing them for their own benefits. Sometime human being is involved in all these activities knowingly and sometime they did not know what they are going to do against animals. Some shocking footage of wild animals have become viral in […]

Indian Citizens mistreats wild animals

Undoubtedly, human are threatening to wild animals throughout the world by harassing them. They are doing it knowingly or unknowingly by habitat degradation and encroachment. They are also becoming the reason when they do destruction for their own purposes by cutting the trees. Human becomes crueler in this matter. Indian criticizes are very famous for inhuman behavior with others. However, […]

Lahore Metro Bus footage becomes viral on internet

The footage of the Lahore metro bus incident has been viral on the social media since then. Many people would have has seen men misbehaving with females in the metro. However, no one would have seen a man getting such treatment by women in the metro. The incident has taken place last week. There has been always a concern of […]

Women mistreats man in Lahore metro Bus

A group of women has found treating a man shamefully in Lahore metro bus. There was some miscommunication between the passengers which becomes unpleasant incident with them. The incident was captured on mobile and was shared on the social media as well. Lahore metro bus was already not very much popular in the public. Only the public in favor of […]

Wild Elephants Population suffers in Bengal

Two male wild elephants lost lives including two getting critical wounds in a serious train crash in Western Bengal. Such incidents with the elephants have become very often around the railway tracks in India. Especially in the west Bengal, Elephant population has become bigger than any other Indian state. The Wildlife authorities in India have started special program to save […]

Wild Elephants suffer badly in West Bengal state

Wild elephants once again have suffered very badly in the Indian state of West Bengal. The latest incident taken place in India has rated as one of the biggest in the last few years. Two animals have lost lives and two had suffered badly in the incident. The small Incidents all over India have also increased in the recent times. […]

Motorbike Stunts Failure becomes Tragedy for Couple

A couple in Karachi has once again become victim of Motorbike Stunts Horribly. The incident took place when a young girl was performing at a public show on the motorbike. However, there was no serious damage done in the incident. The stuntman survived unhurt. Such types of motorbike stunts are very popular in the public of Karachi. The stuntman prepares […]

Couple suffers badly in silly Motorbike Stunts

A couple has suffered very badly in front of several hundred people in a motorbike stunts show. The stuntman in the show was driving the bike with girl sitting on the front side of the motorcycle. The collided with public horribly. Luckily there was no serious damage in the incident. There are several people in the society who become victim […]

Beef-ban in India challenged by Indian Muslims

Indian Muslims publicly defied the beef-ban in India by slaughtering a cow on Indian Flag. The brave Muslims distributed cow meat in front of Parliament challenging the ban by Indian government. The protest has sent a message of unity in Muslims against the inhuman behavior of the Hindu society. This was not the first time that a protest against beef-ban […]