Amazing & Surpsiring

Pet Dog Stuns Australian citizens on beach

Australian citizens were stunned when they saw amazing act of dog when it preferred to save unconscious Alexander Kenney rather than running to inside to alert his family. It was the little Stuffy who tried to save the life of his owner’s child in Australia.  It was the event from New South Wales, Australia where one heroic dog saved the […]

Viral video about Indian farmer

Here we are going to share one viral video about Indian farmer to whom very humorous news has been spread. According to reporters, Indian farmer is making money by cultivating the pearls. So it is definitely too much hilarious as how simple Indian farmer can cultivate to pearls. On the other hand, Indian farmers also have issues about their fields […]

Dubai Camel race festival starts in desert

Dubai camel race festival will once again take place in the desert after a gap of long years. The animal racing festival was banned all over Gulf due to protests of the human and children rights organizations. It was told in the new that the racing authorities have now made some changes in the methods of the games. Instead of […]

African People are being ignored

In this world, there are numbers of human rights organizations and other institutions that have their existence with full power. It can be said in other words as they have their existence but not able to help the poor and the needy people. Yes here is the discussion about the African people who are started to starve badly. They are […]

African Tribes Shocked to whole world

In this world, there is a worldwide organization with the name of United Nations is responsible for African Tribes. In this organization, there are numbers of organization in it related to different categories. World Health Organization is also related to United Nations. According to history, it was come into being in April 7, 1948 in Geneva, Switzerland. WHO is the […]

World Surprised with 500 years frozen girl in Argentina

The world has surprised with 500-years frozen girl’s mummy found in Argentina. The mummy was found by the geological scientists in the base of a volcano which has been quite for a long time. According to the research by the scientists the Inca girl was left to live with the gods in the mountains. More research by the scientists has […]

Feelings of London Girl about Muslims

Very awkward incident happened with a Muslim boy when he met with London Girl in one of famous London Parks. He wanted to have experience as what people of European Countries thought about the Muslims. Especially he wanted to have views of young generations of European Countries. For this purpose, he goes in the one of London Parks where he […]

Social Experiment got viral with London Girl

It was just the experiment with one of London Girl who was sitting on bench in one of London Parks. According to the man who was going to be part of this experiment, he wanted to know the views of the people regarding Muslim community. He did it very nicely and left very wonderful lesson. According to the young boy […]

Indian youth becomes fond of unethical practices

The Moral and ethical values of Indian youth have lost in the society. A group of Indian university students have done an experiment in public which show drastic results. Youngsters have become fond of using the banned items publicly and no one has any problem in the city. A girl of very young age was seen using banned items in […]

Indian Youth becomes unethical in daily life

Indian Youth has become very unethical in daily life. It was seen in the social experiment done by a group of university students in India. Students used banned items publically in society and offered many of their age. It was shocking to see that the youngsters were accepting offers without any hesitance. There are many other things in Indian youth […]