Amazing & Surpsiring

Wired sea creature baffles public on California beach

A weird Sea creature appearing near the California beach has baffled Americans last week. The strange creature washed up on the sea beach in amerce after a massive storm. The news was aired all over country showing pictures of the weird creature. Strange gossips were heard from the people living beside the California beach area. The findings of marine life […]

Fish livs without water astonishingly

Some fish lover or aquatic scientists discover species of fish which can crawl on land and live on the earth without water astonishingly. It is definitely invincible which has discovered in Australia. It can also name as super fish or dominating fish as a whole. According to one of famous channel, they describe the feather of new fish which has […]

Fish crawls on earth amazingly Surprises public

It would be very proved as wonderful news for fish lover especially for those who always in this effort to find new species of fish. Fish is found in the vicinity of Australia which can crawl on earth and live without water amazingly. It has created buzz in the whole world especially for aquatic analysts. According to some analysts who […]

Camel slaughter goes wrong with Public

An angry black camel went out of control moments before its slaughter on last Eid ul Adha. It was one of most tragic incidents reported in media since several years. The animal had gone out of control because of mishandling by the experts. The Black camel however was captured by the people after making some efforts and was put to […]

Weird act of Pet Animal astonishes London Public

People were astonished to see a Bengal cat walking on the water bed a few days ago in London. It would definitely make you surprised including holding your breath on what she has done. Yes, we are not here for fun but with serious discussion which has been captured in camera. It is definitely not funny in any way. That […]

Scientists Preserves Bodies of Real Babies

Everybody has little bit understanding about the mermaid. Some knows very well about the character of mermaid and some do not know very well. Although, there would be very less in this world who would not have the understanding of mermaid. In recent days, one group of scientists visited under seawater for their own research purpose regarding fishes. When they […]

Shocking News of Medical Advancement in America

Preserving bodies of abnormal children in medial museum has become very normal these days. Medical museums all over America are having many shocking things to see for the visitors. One real mermaid appears to one group of scientists who are in seawater on their own mission. They were busy while mermaid like creature tried to get their attention but in vain. […]

Indian media reports on Kareena Kapoor

There would be very few persons in subcontinent especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh who do not have identity of Kareena Kapoor. Off course, everybody would have little bit introduction with this baby doll who is the daughter of famous Indian actor. She was appeared in Bollywood industry after the appearance of her elder sister, Krishma Kapoor. She also has […]

Deadly fight between two ferocious snakes

Deadly fight between two ferocious snakes can be seen in which both belong to same species. Both have been wrapped to each other and continuously stinging to each other. The footage was made by some of wildlife channels who always remained in this effort to collect such kinds of footage for their viewers. There are many channels that are working […]

Fierce brawl between two snakes

Very fierce brawl was captured by camera by one wildlife channel when they were also busy to get such kind of event. They saw those snakes fighting fiercely with each other while wrapping each other’s body. It was very interesting for the wildlife channel. There are numbers of snakes in the whole world which are very dangerous, mostly are dangerous […]