Amazing & Surpsiring

Inhuman Animal Slaughter creates Anger in public

Three men have reported suffering seriously in the Spanish bullfighting incident. Later it was reported that all three had passed away at the local hospital in Barcelona. The incident has once again become reason for people to demand the ban of inhuman game of animals. Many people have lost lives in the incidents in last few years. All were teasing […]

Incredible moments while feeding to sea lions

Incredible moments were captured when care taker of went in the room of sea lion. They all gathered around him and started to stick with him. One of them who was the biggest from all; she started to lick from his face and also did hug with him. There were very catchy moments for everyone who was watching the behavior […]

Sea lion surprises to its care taker

Sea lion surprises to its care taker when it comes in the cage to feed it. He was just come in the cage then all sea lions were around him and started to stick with him. He was barely saved himself from them. They were trying to approach to his hands so that they can get feed. One of them […]

Scientists are still involved in human cloning

Going back in history we can have some findings about the cloning about different animals and in the end especially about human being. In 1958, a biological revolution was born. A very young scientist of his era cloned an animal from its single cell for the first time in the history. He got successful to make a tadpole by cloning […]

Human cloning create would create problem

Human cloning would definitely create problem in the world. Scientists are still involved in this effort to make cloning of human beings. When it talks about the cloning, it was started in 1958 according to history when one scientist started to make cloning of different animals. According to history, he made experiments on different species of animals including mice to […]

Female’s tear becomes crystal

There is a girl in Lebanon whose tears are become crystal when it comes out from her eyes. Girls was also taken to doctor for her regular checkup about her disease. Medical expert was also got surprised to see the girl when he checked her ability to produce crystals which was amazing for him. According to him, it was the […]

Female produces crystals from her eyes

Female produces crystals from her eyes hilariously. When it was found to her she told to her parents. Her parents were got worried when they noted the same condition as she told them. They were started to weep and had a tension of her daughter’s best future. When it was spread like wildfire in the area, people asked to her […]

Startling bull race astonishes to its viewers

Another type of startling bull race astonishes to its viewers, when it starts in one of famous city of Pakistan. People had no idea about its format when it was announced at district level. People were too much eager to see this as soon as possible and they reached there before time to see it. Actually most of the people […]

Indian Bullfighting festival becomes horrible

The same kind of format is also celebrated in India and they also have the same condition regarding life threats. Actually those people also arrange the same format as people like to see in Spain, so they also face the problems of casualties. Animal organizations also tried to be affects on those games but the management also faced the same […]

California beach sea creature surprises public

California beach residents were surprised with a weird species washed out after heavy storm at night. Many Americans gathered on the beach to see the strange animal’s body on the American beach. Media in America also become viral on the news and tried to give some details to public. According to reports from California beach, a nineteen year old board […]