Amazing & Surpsiring

500 Years frozen girl found in Argentina

A small girl’s mummy has found at the base of volcano in Argentina in frozen condition. The girl’s mummy looked like as it was alive. The geological scientists have traced the girl’s mummy liked with ancient tribes and known as Inca girl. The world has surprised to see the girl’s mummy in frozen condition. The Inca girl was sacrificed by […]

Black camel Slaughtering goes Horribly wrong

A very attractive and good looking black camel becomes a big problem for people in streets when it suddenly went out of control. The incident was reported last year but people in London have just come to know about it after it was shared again by someone on the social media. Luckily there was no serious suffering reported in the […]

Weird creature found in Mediterranean Sea Karachi

Some days ago, there was very big and weird creature came out from the Mediterranean Sea in the coast of Mumbai. Off course, people would never see this giant weird creature before and they only would have their dream to see it in their real life. It was very pleasant Day of Summer and they were all rejoicing and celebrating […]

Rwanda Human massacre in past surprises world

A television documentary about Human massacre in Rwanda after twenty years has surprised entire world. The massacre had left untraceable memories on Rwandan public which they are still not able to forget. Thousands of human skulls and mass graves are discovered by the television channel and shown to the world. The Rwandan Human massacre has become 20 years old. But […]

Saddam Lives in Hearts of Arab People

Traditional camel race festival in Dubai has started with a lot of attendance once again in the desert. The festival was banned since last few years because of use of children on the animals as jokey. The ban has forced the Arab lovers of animal racing to change the traditional ways of racing. The camel racing has been popular in […]

Shocking CCTV footage of Woman from London Hospital

Shocking footage of a woman’s body lying on a hospital bed in London has become viral in social media since last few days. The footage has become viral on social media because it shows departure of soul from its body captured by a CCTV very clearly. There might be a lot of interest for several people in it but in […]

Little girl offering prayer on fire

Little girl is offering prayer on fire which is not told in our religion. Our religion does not allow people to do such thing due to which people are hurt. Our religion is the message of tranquility and calm and it never let its followers to do such foolish things which does not relate to religion Islam. According to one […]

Aircraft hit to bird in the air

Aircraft hit to bird in the air when it had to land in emergency. Actually the plane was taking off from the run way when it hit with the bird. Actually there are some snipers also appointed at airport so that they can shot to those birds who try to come near to plane. But, unfortunately, they were not present […]

Airplane survives after hitting to bird

Airplane survives after hitting to bird in the air fortunately. It was the event in one of European Country when flight was leaving the airport and in the form of taking off. Pilot got the situation when bird was stuck with the engine of the plane. Engine was also got fire into it which was not so clear. It is […]

TV Channel Shows Inhuman Animal Slaughter treatment

Yet once again many people have become victim in a Spanish bull fighting incident. A giant animal entered in spectators getting out of control from the arena. It was very difficult for the people to control the angry bull once it was out of control. Many men and women had reported suffered badly. Three have been reported to have sent […]