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Hotel Ravington, Manhattan’s Lower East Side, New York City

The Hotel On Rivington is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, New York City. This luxury hotel is close to the New York University and other popular sites like Federal Reserve Bank of New York.The Hotel On Rivington is located centrally in New York. This boutique hotel is also close to Empire State Building, East Village, Little Italy and Macy’s. […]

Aleem Dar breathtaking decision in Australia

Aleem Dar is included one of the best umpires of the world. His decision rarely goes wrong. He is also the member of ICC Elite umpire panel. He was the first Pakistani umpire who became the part of ICC Elite umpire panel in 2004. He declared consecutive three times the ICC Umpire of the year. He won this award in […]

Story about unseen creature from Nottingham

Story receives from Nottingham including with video stuff which also support to the story. The story belonged to ear of nineties when the man was very young and used to go in religious school to get Arabic education. He was not alone who used to go there from Muslim community as there were also some other fellows with him. According […]

Tiger attacks Chinese man after he jumps in cage

Chinese man jumps in the cage of tiger cage when he felt disappoint in his life. He was only 28 years old when he decided to finish his life by putting himself in front of wild animals. He decided it some days before as he also mentioned in his daily diary which was got later by his family members. According […]

Angel offering prayer in Mosque of Azerbaijan

Angel is offering prayer in Mosque of Azerbaijan which is being caught by camera. People were offering prayers when he was also seen in the mosque. He was offering in the same way as other people were offering their prayers. It was caught at time when one child was making video of the mosque when he was also caught in […]

Largest Animals of World! Are They real

When it talks about largest animals around the world then the people of First World Countries come at top level. They have lot of such animals which are rated at top level regarding its sizes and weights. Most of the animals which are included in that class that are dogs. Dogs are found luckiest in this race as European and […]

Reason of Earthquakes by Maulana Tariq Jameel

Maulana Traiq Jameel is very renowned religious scholar around the world. He belongs to Pakistan and very important part of one of neutral religious group. People like to listen him only due to his neutrality as he did not push any other sector in his speeches and like to be lived as brothers. In one of his lecture, he was […]

American Cops uses fire arm on Unarmed Mother

An American Mother was shot in head directly by police cops in an open street. Shocking footage of brawl of American lady has become viral over the social media sine last few days. The footage does not shows the reason that why the lady was treated in such manner by the cops. However, mistreating an unarmed woman in Open Street […]

American Police Cops mistreats female in Street

Female disrespected by American Police Cops when she was taken to police station due to some reason. According to resource, she was not in her sense when she was taken inside and she started to speak unknowingly. Police asked her to be quiet but she was not in her sense and she could not understand. According to reports, she was […]

Whales find dead on German Beach

Whales find dead on German Beach which have ability to produce sperms in large quantity. There were also some other mammals found dead on the sites of North Sea. It was all recorded by Government Officials on Monday when they noticed the horrible situation about sea creature. There were eight whales which were found in North German town in risk […]