Camel slaughter goes wrong with Public

An angry black camel went out of control moments before its slaughter on last Eid ul Adha. It was one of most tragic incidents reported in media since several years. The animal had gone out of control because of mishandling by the experts. The Black camel however was captured by the people after making some efforts and was put to the slaughter again safely.

According to the rules to sacrifice the animal, they took to camel in the open area where lot of people including children and old ones there. They were only there to see the slaughtering of the camel. So, camel got to lose its energy slowly and it fell down on the ground.

Actually butcher has completely successful to slaughter the camel although he was not professional. According to resources, butcher has got very serious condition when camel hit him badly. He stood up hurriedly and showed as he was not hurt at all. However, after completing the process of slaughtering, it was found as butcher had very serious wound on his leg.

After sometimes he also took to the hospital for his regular checkup and to avoid any serious injury. The purpose to share the story with all of you only to give advice when you select butcher for slaughtering the animal please find the professional.

There are a lot of problems with nonprofessional butchers which often become the reason of worrisome not only for the animals but also for the owners. Mostly, they often torment to animals because they are not very well in slaughtering and disturb to animals.

Black Camel Kick

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