California beach sea creature surprises public

California beach residents were surprised with a weird species washed out after heavy storm at night. Many Americans gathered on the beach to see the strange animal’s body on the American beach. Media in America also become viral on the news and tried to give some details to public.

According to reports from California beach, a nineteen year old board surfer first spotted body of strange animal lying on the beach. Later many other Americans also reach the sire and took pictures and videos of the animal body. The news was spread all over America within no time on the social media. Local authorities taken the body of weird animal into custody and was sent to a biological lab.


Animals very much similar to the one found on California beach was found on Ohio beach couple of years ago. It was also not able to get recognized and had spread lot of scary thoughts in Americans. Any such news becomes a medium of creating strange gossips in public always in in America. American citizens are always found very coward in things related to such.

California beach is known all over the world for tourism and many other entertaining activities. Not only Americans but foreigners in America also spend good time on the sea. However, news about the weird creature has also affected the activities of people on the beach.

Business activities in the area surrounding sea have also facing difficulties. Already Americans in California were badly affected by the heavy storm. It was one of very heavy storms in America since many years. California beach witness such disaster almost every year.

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