Bollywood media breaks secrets of Kareena

According to one of Bollywood media news, Kareena is pregnant that is the reason she has been left for London. As she want to get rid from her daily routine life where she also has three and half months pregnancy. She did not tell anyone according to reports.

That particular Bollywood media also sometimes names it as rumors as they often have tried to get contact with Saif Ali Khan and her sister Soha Ali Khan. So according to sources, both of them did not reply them as they wanted at time.

If it is not rumor then we also give both of them congratulations from our hearts. As it would be very precious moment for Kareena as well. She has never tasted the feeling of having mother in her real life. She would have very wonderful change in her life after it.

Talking about Saif Ali Khan, he would definitely have very wonderful feelings but not more than his wife Kareena Kapoor. Because he has tasted the feelings of having children as he has two children from her previous wife who are also living with him. People who listen about it they also congratulate them at cone and wishes for best.

Media is also showing best wishes if it is right and wishes for the best in the future. However, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan both are still silent at this point and did not say anything. Their silence is creating more suspense which should be broken right now.

Indian Media News on Kareena

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