Black camel Slaughtering goes Horribly wrong

A very attractive and good looking black camel becomes a big problem for people in streets when it suddenly went out of control. The incident was reported last year but people in London have just come to know about it after it was shared again by someone on the social media. Luckily there was no serious suffering reported in the incident.

Slaughter of Camels and especially the Black camel has become very common and favorite in Muslims of Sub-continent since last few years. Earlier the animal was used to get scarified in Arab countries only. Watching the giant animal ion EID becomes very amusing for public and many gathers around it to watch the activity.


Slaughtering of black camel goes wrong terribly when butcher got a kick from giant animal. Actually it was the event of Eid when Muslims fulfill their duty to scarify the animal. In the season of Eid, there are numerous people come out in the market and show themselves as regular butcher. Actually there do not belong to professional people but come out for getting some rupees.

Same is the case happened in the given video in which butcher got confused when he saw such a giant animal to slaughter. He also got confused after seeing the huge crowd that was also eager to see the sacrifice of camel. People were also preparing their mobile phones for making the video of slaughtering camel.

However, the butcher was not professional and he was very confused as how it should be cut the throat of big animal. At last, he kicked himself and move forward to give a final cut to the throat of camel. When he cut the throat of the camel, it was obviously painful for camel and he kicked the butcher. He fell far away from the camel but it was the right target from where he cut the throat.

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