Beggar mistreats by proud shopkeeper

Beggar mistreats by proud shopkeeper when he finds beggar in front of his shop every morning. Beggar was found in rags with nasty smell when shopkeeper used to open the gate of his shop every morning. He always taunted him badly and sometimes even hurt him to sit before his shop. Beggar was also stuck to that shop as he always used to sleep in front of his shop intentionally.

Other shopkeepers always saw him while taunting and cursing beggar but they did not say anything to shopkeeper as it was his personal matter. However, they always gave very strange face expressions towards shopkeeper when they saw him while hurting and taunting him. He caste water on him in cold days just getting rid from him.

One day he opens gate of his shop but he did not find any beggar in front of his shop, he really surprises to see it. He did not give any positive and negative response after finding place empty. In the next day, he again opens the gate of his shop and gets the same result. Actually he was very rude man and his neighbors also wanted to get rid from him.

Due to his strange nature, people did not like to talk with him without any purpose. They did not tell him what had happened to him. One day when he opened his shop, he again started to see him but he could not find him. His neighbor shopkeeper told him as he would never come again here.

These words were very striking for him and he decided to see all footage of him from CCTV camera. When he saw he was really ashamed of over himself what he used to do with him. He was really protector of his shop. He had lost his life while protecting his shop when two youngsters came there to break his shop and he did not let them to do this.

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